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Unlimited Podcast Hosting

You can host unlimited podcasts

Enjoy unlimited hosting and distribute your podcast everywhere. Take advantage of our all-in-one, free platform with recording, editing, analytics, fan engagement, and monetization tools

Distribute Widely and Grow Easily

Get to your listeners quickly

We will put your podcast where your listeners can easily find it; Your podcast will be everywhere, home and abroad. Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcast and alot more. Wokpa also provides you with tools to market and grow your podcast with our custom podcast email marketing and social distribution on whatsapp and telegram.

Multiple ways to Make Money

Move from Content to Profits

We have multiple ways for you to make money from your Audio Content: Connect with local brands for advertising and sponsorship without with a click of a button, harness the power of listener support/tips, explore paid subscriptions and premium content models.


Wokpa is the ultimate all-in-one podcasting platform. We've bundled all your podcasting needs — record, edit, distribute and monetize all from the same place. It's never been easier to podcast.

Studio Quality Recording

With Wokpa, you can record audio and video in high quality with advanced recording technology.

Use cases

Radio Stations

- Step into the next big thing in digital audio with new possibilities and new income.

Enter the new era of digital audio with fresh possibilities and new income streams. Create and run a podcast network with the same shows on your radio frequency, every show becomes a podcast channel with multiple streams of income.

Religious Groups

- Forge a global spiritual community that transcends physical boundaries with Podcast on Wokpa

Build a global community that transcend borders. Utilize Wokpa's intuitive platform to seamlessly share spiritual content and church events. Create and run a podcast network with your content.
Connect and Share with Wokpa - Forge a global spiritual community that transcends physical boundaries.

Media Organizations

- Harness the power of Podcasting (most intimate form of content) to elevate Brand marketing and communication with WOKPA

Harness the power of Wokpa to propel brands management and extend influence. Experience seamless content management, targeted distribution, and a broader audience reach, taking marketing and communication to new heights.

Indie Podcasters

- With Wokpa You too can make money podcasting

Grow your podcast with Wokpa. Easy to use and high quality creation tools, seamless & extensive distribution, multiple ways to make money that is suitable for the African creators.

How it works

Your 3-Step Guide to Revolutionizing Podcast Advertising

Revolutionize Your Brand with Effortless Ads Campaigns

Grow your brand with Wokpa’s simple ad campaign. Budget and craft a strong message, improve your narrative with precision and impact, and reach your audience’s core.

Witness Your Vision Take Flight with Wokpa's Targeted Campaign Launch

Boost your campaign with Wokpa’s touch, linking with suitable podcasts. We improve your narrative with selected podcasts and keywords, launching it powerfully and perfectly.

Harness Your Campaign's Potential with Wokpa's Control Hub

Improve your campaign with Wokpa’s hub, a place of opportunities. See impressions and expenses with real-time insights, and use keywords for flexibility. Pivot, pause, or expand campaigns as you need, ensuring a fitting and powerful message for Africa.

Wokpa has been amazing for our campaigns. Its tools, management, and reach in Africa have boosted our brand.

— Ibrahim Yakare

Podcaster, Healthcare Rewind Africa

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Wokpa is a podcasting platform for African Creators. With Wokpa, you can record your podcast, edit, distribute, and make money from your podcast. Wokpa makes it easy to create and share content with audiences in Africa.

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